How To Style Bomber Jackets

Checkout these tips to enhance your styling game!


The era of bomber jackets began during the second world war. They were made customized for the military soldiers to provide them protection. However, with time these jackets completely revolutionized and became a separate fashion niche. From casual to party, this versatile outerwear can be paired up with almost anything. But you need to keep some things in mind before assembling the look. A b-3 authentic bomber jacket for men already comes with multiple variations. First, choose the right design for you. If you have one with the patches then try going basic for the other pieces so as to highlight the jacket only. Most people wonder whether they are suitable for workwear or not, the answer lies in your observation. If you have a simple suede leather jacket then it is appropriate to wear to the office. 

       These jackets come in various materials for instance suede, leather, woolen, nylon, and polyester. You can choose the fabric according to your own preference. While dressing up a nylon bomber jacket make sure you have dark-toned jeans and shoes as they have a bit of shiny fabric which can look like a bit much. Follow up these basic rules to play it safe and slay!