How can you prevent vaping-caused chest pain?

Every person who has taken a puff, either from a conventional cigarette or a disposable vape like aroma king 7000, must have experienced some discomfort at the first draw.


Every person who has taken a puff, either from a conventional cigarette or a disposable vape like aroma king 7000, must have experienced some discomfort at the first draw. It happens to everyone, and the reason behind feeling dizzy or a harsh sting in your throat is mainly because of the nicotine content in both traditional and electronic cigarettes.

Chest Pain by Smoking or Vaping:

Smoking is notorious for causing irreversible damage to smokers' and others’ health and the environment. Consuming regular cigarettes frequently often causes heart-related issues in a lot of people. So chest pain is an expected side effect of smoking, and people are usually aware of it before starting smoking.

But when ex-smokers use randm tornado 7000 vape and experience similar discomfort, they often start blaming the vaping devices. Most people usually think vaping is healthy, which is not the case, nor do the vaping brands claim this. The original statement advertised is that aroma king 3500 puffs vaping is healthier in comparison to smoking.

Vape kits have proven to be 95% safer than conventional cigarettes. Still, they are not recommended to non-smokers. Their primary purpose is to provide an alternative to smoking. There can be many reasons if you experience any discomfort, like chest pain, after starting vaping.

Reasons for Chest Discomfort Their Preventions:

The following can be some reasons why you think that vaping makes your chest hurt and how to prevent it:

1.    Root Cause Being Smoking:

Those who were heavy smokers before they turned to vaping have a high chance of getting chest hurt issues. Cigarette smoke consists of a lot of harmful chemicals, and they might cause harm to your heart. It is possible that the underlying condition occurred when you were a smoker, but it came to light only when you switched to vaping. This might make you think that vaping has led to chest pain, but in fact, there are very low chances of this being true.

2.    Low-Quality E-liquid Components:

The e-liquid is composed of low-quality ingredients, which leads to discomfort. Either the PG or the VG part of the vape liquid is not of the standard quality, making your chest hurt. In this case, you just have to purchase a good-quality disposable vape that produces fine vapours.

3.    Abrupt Changes in Nicotine Strength:

If you are used to inhaling a low amount of nicotine, say 3mg, and suddenly jump to a high-nicotine concentration device, like 18mg, there is a high chance that your chest will hurt. It is advised to increase the nicotine strength gradually so your body accepts it without protesting.

4.    Burnt Coil:

The problem might lie with your disposable vape kit or any device you use, and not vaping in general. If you are unfamiliar with the ways of vaping and accidentally burn your coil, you get a burnt hit, and it will make your throat and chest hurt. To prevent this, give a few seconds gap between each puff to avoid burning the coil, or change the coil if you use a reusable vape.

5.    Coil Material:

Some people do not pay much attention to the materials used to compose their vape devices. When they turn a blind eye to details, they are exposed to allergies caused by the material, if any. Nickel allergy is common; some coils are made of nickel, which might trigger your symptoms. That might be why you feel chest pain. In this case, the problem is solved by switching to a coil not made of nickel.

Due to limited research on vaping, its long-lasting effects are yet to be discovered. But according to the information gathered to this day, vaping does not give way to health hazards. In most cases, the problem is not caused by vaping but by anything else experienced by the vaper during the same timeline, which goes unnoticed.

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