Golden Goose whatever

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Golden Goose whatever


After all, this moment is a big one for Korn. She first got her start making bracelets and rings at home, which has now transformed into a full-blown brand with a rabid following. She counts the likes of Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski as fans. Impractical, maybe, but they do make your head turn. So too do the bulbous ultra-high pumps at Louis Vuitton-an office shoe for Golden Goose whatever odd new, plexiglass-enclosed desk we may return to in the spring. Then there were the comfortable shoes made crazy cool, like Collina Strada's bedazzled Hoka One One sneakers and Molly Goddard's vibrantly poofy, fuzzy Ugg slippers.

More often, though, AdaLioryn works on commission from friends and a select roster of in-the-know clients, with whom she collaborates closely, often imbuing the gold with thoughts and prayers. I ask people for their intentions. I ask what energy they're trying to bring in their life, and I really meditate with it, she says.

Close your eyes and picture your dad hiking in 1994. More than likely, he was wearing a pair of sneakers similar to these now uber-popular styles. I'm not a new designer. After a year of indoor shoes, shearling slippers, fuzzy socks-or perhaps no shoes at all-footwear designers have blessed us with something just as comfortable to wear outside of the house. They've responded to our wants and needs and have given us an alternative to the shoes our feet have gotten so used to: the cushy sandal. Pillowy, padded, and molded styles are no longer reserved for orthotic footwear and walking shoes; they're elements now embraced by our favorite shoe brands.


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