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Golden Goose Sale in



A friend suggested a vegetable-based synthetic that held its color. I thought it would make you sweat, but it didn't. They started communicating with me. Soon after, she began molding her sculpture The Pearl Eater 2021, an exquisite, eight-foot self-portrait of sorts with a stoneware fishtail and cascades of black baroque keshi pearls.

Those varied influences reflect Muaddi's eclectic sense of style and the cosmopolitan sensibility she brings to her designs. Who else would make a clear bejeweled pump worthy of Cinderella or cover a slingback in ombre lame Muaddi's shoes are conversation starters and their flair has made her a fixture on Instagram, where fans follow her expertly styled outfits and regularly upload snapshots of their purchases.

British designer Richard Quinn has been designing full-face coverings for quite some time, albeit Golden Goose Sale in more soothing prints, like chintzy florals. From there, Reilly then selected a saucy Mugler dress for Fox, complete with strappy cutouts and towering Jimmy Choo platform shoes.

When I think of Victoria Beckham, I always think of that scene in her 2007 reality show Coming to America where she gets pulled over by a cop. She's shocked and devastated not because she's getting a ticket, but because she's getting photographed by the paparazzi exiting her vehicle wearing flats. God forbid! The stiletto-loving designer certainly didn't earn her moniker Posh Spice for nothing: She loves dressing up at all times, sky-high footwear included. That being said, Beckham received an unlikely shoe gift this week from Justin Bieber that is certainly a departure from her signature style. Bieber sent her a pair of lavender Drew House Crocs. Yes, Crocs!