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There are no bright colors; there's no peacocking. According to the website of the shoemaker which is Golden Goose Sale now helmed by the latest generation of the Hernanz  and Antonio, the techniques behind today's batch of shoes go back a very long way; the addition of a practical rubber sole has been the only improvement.

Enter the Crocs Bae Classic Platform Clog, which I started spotting around Brooklyn on all manner of cool people sometime last year. When I heard people I trust online-specifically, Vice's Sara David, platform Croc queen extraordinaire-praise their walkability, I was sold.

Luckily, I'm not quite as body-conscious now as I was when I was 19, and to put it frankly, I really don't give a shit if my shoes make my legs look thin. What I do care about, though, is comfort, and I've never really found it in socks and sneakers, which tend to make me feel like a cranky eight-year-old boarding the bus for day camp.

Her collection isn't just for the girls. Every piece is cut unisex, and her cast of friends-as-models proves that a reversible robe coat inspired by legendary mobster Vinny the Chin's not-fit-for-trial gimmick he roamed Manhattan in a bathroom, claiming insanity looks equally good on wiseguys and hot girls.

I buy shoes that are like pieces of art-I've never worn them, said the singer. I just moved into a new house, and I had boxes and boxes of shoes. As for clothing, she prefers more of a DIY approach. I'm not a designer chick, she said. The comfortable-chic silhouette is the perfect minimalist shoe choice for everyday wear. Top, whip, and contrast stitching adds a compelling element to otherwise regular fall loafers and Chelsea boots from JW Anderson and Proenza Schouler while exaggerated square toes and sculptural kitten heels bring classic ankle boots discreetly to the next level.