Some New World players can't stand the annoying house decoration

Some New World players can't stand the annoying house decoration


After the November update of Into the Void made controversial and secret changes to the core game mechanics, loot in New World has become much scarcer than before, which makes it difficult for players to get anything good in the endgame. This ultimately has the greatest impact on the single player of New World. They are now trying to kill the enemy due to their increased health. If they do, the loot will not be very good.

Another issue is related to repeated malfunctions affecting trophies and furniture, which makes New World players temporarily unable to trade these RPG New World Coins items. As compensation, the housing tax has been reduced by 90%, and players can enjoy their dream house to a certain extent. A homeowner in New World decided to place a crane-like decoration at the end of their property, very close to the settlement's trading post.

A Reddit user named Ikavelashvili shared a post describing what is happening and why this is a tragic comedy for other players, because this animal keeps sending out people every few seconds. Unbearable voice. Therefore, every New World player who stopped to shop in front of the trading station was forced to listen to the noise of the birds.

For some New World Coins players, hearing a few birds from outside the city can make it look like haunted, and hearing them inside the city wall is painful. Another Redditor netizen said that this is the true ending of New World PvP, because it will annoy enemy players before the faction war arrives. Either way, the community is divided on the judgment of bird calls. Some people want it to lower the volume, while others like it.

As part of the housing problem, New World players received a lot of gold coins, but this caused another problem because the number of gold coins changed randomly and only affected a few people. However, the good news is that NewWorldCoins is currently holding a discount event, where players can get more New World Coins for less money.