Northern Pakistan Tour

Tourists visit these places and these are the largest, interesting and famous all over Pakistan tourist places and provides the glorious as well as peaceful environment.


Make a mind to visit the beautiful places of Pakistan, including Sawat, Chitral, Azad Kashmir, and many other areas. In the Year 2021,  The best Pakistan tour 2021 guide provides the best visit bundles from Karachi to Every Northern part of Pakistan. Because Pakistan is full of Natural Beauty and wonderful places.

Including The Swat Museum located in Saidu Sharif contains one of the finest collections of Gandhara art in the world. Sawat shows its actual beauty, This valley welcomes the people through its magnificent mountains, lush green forests, running streams, and meadows. We can Swat reach through Peshawar.

On the other side, Azad Jammu Kashmir is famous for its snow-covered peaks, dense forests, winding rivers, and climate varying from arctic to tropical — all join together to make it an excellent tourist attraction. Shahi Khundal Waterfall, Dhina Aabshaar, Ratti Gali, Arang Khel, and many other places show the amazing views of Azad Kashmir and define the beauty of Azad Kashmir.

The Hunza is also a beautiful tourist attraction, the people, who lived in the Hunza Valley in Northern Pakistan, were one of those peoples. The Hunza Valley is a fertile valley that supports agriculture and provides isolation from the rest of the world, and it's also located at a very high altitude. Because they are so isolated, the Hunza do not have access to a large amount of fuel for cooking food, nor are there many animals available for eating, so they plant what they can and gather the rest. So No doubt! Pakistan is full of wonders. Everyone can contact us easily to visit these beautiful places with us.