Saint Laurent Shoes Jodies in a shade of lime

Saint Laurent Shoes Jodies in a shade of lime



While Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel have long reigned supreme in this world, there is another label in town that is creeping into this rarefied territory Bottega Veneta. The bags have enjoyed an unbelievable amount of hype since Daniel Lee took the helm of the Italian brand in 2019. His squish-able, sometimes thatched leather purses are undeniable It bags. They infiltrate my feed, street style photos, and daily life. I am blinded by the little stomach-shaped Saint Laurent Shoes Jodies in a shade of lime that reminds me of Nickelodeon Slime, and the classically shaped square Cassette with its puffy Interaccio leather. A few weeks ago, our Slack channel blew up with images of Victoria Beckham trotting around New York City carrying two versions of Bottega Veneta bags. Clutching them to her chest like a football, she showed them off front and centre.

Clothing is sometimes about signalling association-like an association with a subculture, or a certain pack of people-but it can be a marker of individuality, YSL Shoes too. A way to conform or to rebel. I collect queer photography and looking at images of queer people at liberation rallies in the 1960s and 1970s, you can see that those people are dressing with a political message. Clothing is full of paradoxes, but ultimately it can empower us-and in a world that has historically taken power away from queer people, that can be vital.

Well, unchanged at least until Marc Jacobs came along. How YSL Sneakers to describe the electric response that met Jacobs's audacity when he took the reins as creative director of the house in 1997 and introduced Vernis, a patent version of the bag, still sporting the L and V but now incised in bright patent This was followed by an even nervier move-Jacobs enlisted his hipster buddy, the artist-designer Stephen Sprouse, to scrawl the words Louis and Vuitton over the surface of the bag, a startling yet charming result that is deeply desirable so many years later.