Infiniti Tracking for Caravan trackers

why should you get caravan trackers?


No Contracts

The Subscription Free Caravan Tracker unit is easy to utilize and needs no establishment, simply energize it and conceal it in your band. The GPS beacon will run for as long as 90 days on one charge. Dissimilar to many GPS beacons there are no membership charges or convoluted area credits to purchase. You don't have to download any exceptional applications or projects, the tracker will alarm your telephone by instant message and show you its accurate area on google maps. You can set your tracker to caution you the second your vehicle moves, making this Caravan GPS Tracker the ideal enemy of robbery tracker
No Wiring Needed

The Subscription Free Caravan Tracker is completely independent so you should simply give the tracker an energize and afterward conceal it away inside your parade so it won't smooth your recreation battery and in light of the fact that there are no wires on this unit it implies any potential criminal will battle to track down it! With an incredible battery life of as long as a half year on a solitary charge and text suggestions to re-energize you won't ever need to stress over making sure to charge it.
Sim Card Options Explained

Choice 1 Pay as you go SIM card (Free) We supply a practically identical Pay as you go SIM card which you can enact yourself on the web. (You should top the sim up with £10 to initiate.)

Choice 2 Fully Set Up Ready To Track (+£25) If you need to utilize your tracker right out of the case then this is choice is for you. Your tracker will have a functioning sim card embedded and beat up with £15 credit which is to the point of working your tracker for around a year in typical use. You can check equilibrium and top up online whenever, there are no agreements or month to month charges you just compensation for the message notifications that the tracker conveys.
Vibration Sensor

Get a caution the second somebody begins altering your RV with the vibration alert.
6 Month Battery Life

Enormous inner battery surrendering you to a half year battery life.
Development Alerts

The tracker can be set to caution you the second your Motorhome moves out of the region without your insight.
Solid Magnetic Base

Solid hearty attractive base permitting you to adhere immovably to metal surfaces, no metal close by? Conceal it in a cabinet! the conceivable outcomes are huge.
Easy To Use

No confounded set up required. Assuming you pick the SIM set up choice your tracker will be set up prepared to utilize right out of the crate
Modest to run

No memberships at to run, just costs the cost of an instant message ready that is sent directly to your telephone.
Not certain which model you want or simply need guidance?