How To Maintain Stainless Steel Watches not only producing the custom watches, but also the watch related components, our company has been working hard and keeping close cooperation with international top watch brands, and achieved great technology improvement.


1. Clean the dirt for the Stainless steel watch

Stainless steel bands are solid and reliable, it makes them seems easier to handle than the leather one, but they're not.

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The gap of stainless steel watchband is easy to accumulate dust, and it’s not easy to clean them.

Long-term accumulation will not only make the watchband lose its original metallic luster, but also reproduce a lot of bacteria, causing harm to health.

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2. Handle scratches for the stainless steel watch

In bright light, the stainless steel watch gives a dynamic appearance. The smooth steel strip is a favorite of many watch lovers.

But, because of this proud quality, once there are scratches on the strap, it will certainly make the entire watch pale.

So what should be done?

You can buy gold wipes to wipe it yourself. If the stainless steel watches cratch is not so deep, it can be removed by ourselves, or wait until the regular maintenance and the maintenance master will clean it for you, but if the damage is serious, it will be handled only by a professional table row.

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