Three Types Of Citation Styles You’ll Come Across Often

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When writing an academic paper, you’ll notice many students using tools like an hurricane katrina essay often.

When writing an academic paper, you’ll notice many students using tools like an hurricane katrina essay often. This is because it is vital to ensure your assignment follows the proper citation styles to avoid plagiarism. In addition, each discipline has specific referencing rules that it follows. Therefore, let’s look at some standard citation types you’ll be most likely to come across during your study.


  1. AMA citation


The American Median Association came up with the AMA citation style for citing sources in any medical research. This style of referencing follows specific rules such as,


  • The initials should follow the author’s surname without periods
  • If there are six or fewer authors, you should name them all in the references
  • When there are more than six authors, you can mention the first three and follow it with ‘et al’
  • You should always put subscript numbers beside in-text citation and write the details in the reference section


The general format for one author in the AMA style is: Author AA. Title of work. Location: Publisher; Year: Page-Page


As there are multiple variations to this format, many students prefer to use an othello iago essay to help them with their assignments.


  1. ASA citation


Students use the ASA citation style for referencing their sources in Sociology research papers. The American Sociological Association Style Guide lists out specific rules that you need to follow at all times when working on your assignment:


  • In-text citations should include the author’s surname and publication year. 
  • In case you’re quoting directly from the source, you need to mention the page number in the in-text citations as well
  • You can expand the in-text citations in detail at the footnotes of each page


While many students use the c assignment help tool to help them out, it becomes easier to work on them independently as long as you remember these rules.


  1. APA citation


Students of many disciplines use the case study help for their assignments, especially those in Social Sciences such as Psychology, Economics, Linguistics, Sociology, and many others. The usual rules that you need to remember are:


  • When you quote directly from the source, it is crucial to include the author, publication year, and page number
  • Quotations of more than 40 words need to be in a free-standing block, and you can also omit the quotation marks
  • When you’re paraphrasing a section, you can omit the page number in the in-text citation


While you can always avail online tools like the APA and Debt Snowball Method to help you write the citations, you should remember that the free resources might not be the most dependable. Therefore, it’s best to make yourself familiar with the citation rules, so you don’t have to depend on such tools at all times. 

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