WOW TBC Classic: Alliance PvPers can earn additional rewards

WOW TBC Classic: Alliance PvPers can earn additional rewards


To address faction imbalances, WOW TBC Classic once again enables same faction battlegrounds. In this same faction battleground, the maximum number of groups that can queue up to participate in the battleground is reduced to five, the matchmaking system waits longer to Buy TBC Classic Gold find matches of the opposing faction, and alliance players are able to complete a repeatable quest that rewards battleground victory boxes Loot containing various crafting materials, consumables and currencies.

Due to some faction imbalance issues in Burning Crusade Classic, there are more Horde players than Alliance players, both overall and when participating in the game's matchmaking battlegrounds. This resulted in long queues for Horde players and almost impossible to obtain PvP items. The solution Blizzard came up with was to test it out over a weekend to see how Horde vs Horde Battleground would change the equation.

Blizzard found that many players participated in full prefab groups, and almost always lost the TBC Classic Gold game when faced with players who were queuing alone and not in Discord with their teammates. Alliance players aren't particularly happy either, as it's always been an alliance member's prerogative to be able to participate in PvP more easily. Blizzard seems to be taking away that perk right now. But Blizzard didn't want to dramatically change the game.

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In fact, the modern tweaks to Burning Crusade aren't just changes to the battlefield. In addition to paid upgrades and new mounts, the game's content is also rolling out in stages, which is very different from the original Landmark expansion. Buying cheap WOW TBC Gold from MMOWTS as long-term support is a very correct choice if players want to achieve better performance in the game.

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