Lost Ark Players Controversial About Sorceress Costumes

Lost Ark Players Controversial About Sorceress Costumes


Focused on exploration, Lost Ark offers players a lot to do, including PvE combat, challenging missions, crafting, and character levels up as the story progresses. Lost Ark features impressive isometric action and plenty of flexibility, allowing players to employ many different methods to defeat enemies. But for a long time, players have been controversial about the costumes of the sorceresses in the game. Welcome to MMOWTS for more information.

Lost Ark has five tiers for players to choose from. Within these classes, players can specialize in several sub-classes as they progress, perfecting their playstyle and mastering nifty new tricks to deal with enemies and other threats. The mage class in the game may appear weak at first, but if players commit to leveling up their characters, they can create a truly strong and powerful combatant.

In Lost Ark, the mage class is divided into two sub-classes, and Lost Ark Gold players can choose to play as a bard or a sorceress, both of which focus on ranged attacks and spells. However, some players were annoyed by Lost Ark's class gender lock, and wanted as much choice and customization as possible in other features. Both mage subclasses are female, so many players are annoyed that they can't choose their gender.

In addition to issues with gender-locked tiers and limited body options, some players have pointed out that the gear options for female tiers are a bit ridiculous, especially Lost Ark's mage tier. As players level up their characters and level up their sorceresses, some gamers have noticed that the costumes seem to be getting shorter, making the costume meme of diminishing returns. They thought it offered little protection to the fighters.

While Lost Ark is by no means the only game that gives female characters bikini-like armor, male characters wear more traditional armor sets. But players will find it frustrating. By the way, MMOWTS is a professional Lost Ark Gold supplier, where any player can get the Lost Ark Gold they want. Players will enjoy the best prices on the market!