Lost Ark is coming with a major update and more new content

Lost Ark is coming with a major update and more new content


In Lost Ark, to start a new quest, players need to complete the continent of Feiton and the quests Let There Be Light on Yorn, Start of Our Story on Whispering Islet, and End of the Trials on Illusion Bamboo Island. Recommended for Fast Delivery Lost Ark Gold characters with item level 1,100. Players are welcome to visit MMOWTS for more details.

Additionally, players will need to participate in a new endgame event called Abyss Raids. Like the existing Guardian raids, these are monster hunter-inspired boss hunts where Cheap Lost Ark Gold players need to defeat a giant guardian within a limited time. The Guardians players are looking for will power up through three stages, each with different mechanics and each with different rewards. For the first time, Abyss Raids will target a guardian named Argos.

A separate announcement about the Lost Ark launch issue details the upcoming tweaks in next week's update. The difficulty of endgame content is being reduced, with some tier 1 and 2 Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons being toned down. At the moment, Guardians have ridiculously high health and knocking them down is a time-consuming job, so many players are excited that their abilities have been nerfed.

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Additionally, the announcement addresses the ongoing issues of gold sellers and bots at Lost Ark. The developers say they are improving chat filters and acting on reports to quickly ban gold sellers and bots from the game. To further limit spammers, characters below level 30 will not be able to use area chat, but they will still have access to group chat.

Robots have become fairly common in Lost Ark's mission centers. Many identical-looking berserkers and sorceresses can be seen gathering around the quest giver and buzzing at lightning speed. The post notes that player reports can help support teams get rid of bots and spammers. In addition to this, players can get a lot of Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS to add to their edge.