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Today's watches are generally waterproof, 3 ATM, 5 ATM, 10 ATM waterproof depth, watch products are common. But even with a good waterproof function, but also guarantee the secret without a sparse, water vapor in the air is omnipresent, teach you how to watch in the water after the emergency rescue.

How do you deal with watch water?

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The watch's waterproof relies on the watch glass, the back cover and the waterproof rubber ring at the first place to meet the corresponding standards. All waterproof watches are on the bottom cover with the words "WATER RESISTANT" or "WATER PROOF". No mark can only watch waterproof dustproof, should avoid water.

The phenomenon or degree of water entry in watches:

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(1) The glass in the watch may cause fog, and sometimes, sometimes, not at all, especially when the temperature difference is great.

(2) Glass beads are condensed in watch glass.

(3) A large amount of water can be seen on the watch glass and dial.

There are several kinds of water in watches:

(1) Pure water or distilled water

(2) Tap water or rain water;

(3) Drink or beer

(4) Sea water;

(5) Cosmetics or chemical reagents or potions

Distilled water is the best, and the corrosive properties of sea water are relatively large, not to mention chemical reagents. Watch the water as soon as possible to form a pressing matter of the moment is to watch repair shop to do the drying, water seriously do wash oil processing. Don't put the matter, if not timely repair, then the water will make the steel parts in the watch movement occurrence ofembroidery, tiny watch parts once rust usually need to be replaced after the cost of repairs will be great, you know the inlet of the watch is hurt "disaster". In addition to the machine parts, contact water long will make the watch dial, hands occur discoloration, foaming and rust. What I want to remind you here is that if the water phenomenon is repeated, you need to pay more attention to it when you wear it.

Simple treatment method for water inlet of watch:

Method 1: ordinary mechanical watches by tide, can use a few layers of toilet paper or easy to absorb moisture lint, the watch tightly wrapped, placed in 40 Watt light bulb, about 15 cm, baking for about 30 minutes, the water vapor can be dispersed. The watch shall not be covered by the fire directly, so as not to deform the watch

Method 2: table Mengzhaonei, pan out, anti worn on the wrist, you can eliminate the water after two hours. If the water inlet is serious, it is better to send the oil to the meter shop at once and clear the moisture of the movement so as to avoid the rusting of the parts.

Method 3: use the granulated silica gel to put into the closed container with the watch which has been filled with water. After a few hours, take out the watch, and the water will disappear completely. This method is simple and economical, without any damage to the accuracy and life of the table. The silica gel which has been repeatedly absorbed can be dried for 120 hours at a temperature of several DEG C, and the water absorption capacity is renewable, and can be used repeatedly.

Attention: usually don't wear, try not to let the table damp, lest leather deformation; put in the vicinity of the magnetic articles will also affect the accuracy of the watch. In addition, even if the water table should also avoid to watch water, but as long as the watch has blisters (except diving tables), the best approach to check it out, so as to avoid delays caused by internal movement parts damaged. As a matter of fact, the waterproof degree of the waterproof watch will change with the hardening of the waterproof ring, so it is necessary to replace the waterproof ring in time. Hot and humid weather, it is easy to watch the internal oil coagulation, when the time to stop, slow or complete stop phenomenon, and will cause waterproof ring hardening, reducing waterproof function. Of particular note is that the sea water contains salt and is corrosive to the metal components, so after outdoor activities, it should also wash the watch casing with fresh water to avoid corrosion. is a professional Luxury Watches Manufacturer in designing, manufacturing and distributing all kinds of watches, watch bands, watch dials and more. Our products are exported to all over of the world with excellent feedbacks. Welcome to visit Swiss Watch Factory.

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