Diablo 2 Resurrected: Magic Jewels Properties Collocation Guide

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In Diablo 2 Resurrected, the properties of most gears and items have not changed much, and some items that were suitable for the original version still have the same purpose in the remaster. In addition to the wide variety of gear, players often come into contact with some D2 Resurrected Items that can be inlaid into gear, such as runes, gems, and jewels, of course, their functions are not limited to inlays.


There are three kinds of jewels quality, Magic, Rare, and Unique. Although the overall drop rate of magic quality jewels is higher than the latter two, this does not mean that the value of magic jewels is necessarily less than rare or unique jewels, which mainly depends on the gear inlay requirements. Magic jewels with specific properties are extremely rare, and if you don’t want to miss those valuable magic jewels, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the characteristics of magic jewels and the combination of valuable properties.


Magic jewels can appear at most two affix attributes, respectively 1 prefix 1 suffix, and many affix properties can only appear on magic jewels or the maximum value is higher than the same properties that can appear in rare jewels. For example, the "15% Increased Attack Speed" properties can only appear on magic jewels, and the maximum attribute value of the enhanced damage attribute in magic jewels is +40% and in rare jewels is +30%.


The following are some of the more common valuable prefix and suffix properties that can appear in magic jewels (take the maximum variable value)


Prefix: +15 Max Damage, +40% Enhanced Damage, +8 Min Damage, All Resistances +15, Elemental Resistance +30%, +50 To Attack Rating vs Demons, +40% Damage vs Demons, +3 Mana Per Kill


Suffix: +15 Max Damage, +10 Min Damage, +15% Increased Attack Speed, +9 Strength, +9 Energy


1 prefix attribute can be combined with at most 1 suffix property (or a single prefix or suffix attribute) to form a lot of types of magic quality jewels. The rare and high-value properties combinations include:


+40% Enhanced Damage +15% Increased Attack Speed, +30 Max Damage, +15 Max Damage +15% Increased Attack Speed, +30% Fire Resistance +15% Increased Attack Speed and so on.


However, because there are quite a lot of prefix and suffix properties and most of them have certain variables, the probability of actually being able to farm just two affixes with reasonable collocation and high variables is very low. In addition, magic jewels can also use 3 random perfect gems to randomly reset properties, but this is the same as resetting grand charms, resetting magic monarch shields, and more, it costs a lot and requires very good luck.


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