The Soundboks Go offers speaker sound in a more portable package.

When Soundboks released its Gen 3 portable loudspeaker


The Soundboks Go offers loudspeaker sound in a more portable package |  Engadget


When Soundboks introduced the Gen 3 portable speakers, I was glad they weren't bigger than their predecessors. It is truly on the edge of portability as it is. Now, the company aims to deliver the same signature export capability in a new,

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smaller package. The Soundboks Go ($699) is about half the size of the Gen 3, similar to a briefcase that's fatter than an end table, and yet it's still a little bigger. The company has also launched Direkt, an in-app

platform that offers live streams from DJs and artists across the globe. World to Soundboks users
The Soundboks Go measures 18 x 12 x 10 inches and weighs about 20 pounds. The top has a comfortable grip. But you can also opt for a shoulder strap accessory