How to unlock Smoldering Ember Wyrm Mount in World of Warcraft

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Throughout the World of Warcraft game, players can unlock many different types of mounts. This fiery skeletal drake mount is dropped from Boss Nightbane. To unlock Smoldering Ember Wyrm, players need to complete a Time Sensitive task.

The player's run to Nightbane is timed, so you need to learn time management. Following the checklist will help them complete their tasks and collect Smoldering Ember Wyrm. No matter what, having more TBC Classic Gold can give you an absolute advantage in battle.

Players want to get the first crystal after entering Karazhan, they must arrive and kill Opera before the end of eight minutes to grab the first crystal. After defeating the opera, snatch the first soul fragment from the audience of the opera.

All the soul fragments obtained below will give players more time to defeat Nightcrawler. After finding the first crystal, the player will receive Medivh's echo buff. This buff will give the player six minutes to complete it. From here the crystal will also be added to the player's timer.

The second soul fragment is just before the player reaches the girl who does not need to be defeated. After killing Moros, the player should find the third one. The fourth is the spider room before reaching the entrance to the stairs. If the player has time, after defeating the curator, he can find the last soul shard in the night poison room.

Once the player grabs the last crystal, their buff will switch to Medivh's presence. This will give the player five minutes to talk to Medivh and summon Night Poison. After talking to Medivh, the player will get the Karazhan One Night achievement. Before the player actually fights him, the scene will play to summon Nightbane. Defeating him will grant the player Smoldering Ember Wyrm. However, if the player receives the message "The air grows slightly warmer," their time has run out and the dungeon needs to be reloaded.

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