Wanna Get Scared? Read a Drinking Water Treatment Report

This scared me to death. My mother showed me a normal water treatment report sent to her by her local water provider. My mom knows that I reveal normal water contamination and clean, healthy normal water, so she thought I might be thinking about the report.


I have to inform you that there is a big difference between doing research about normal water contamination and actually seeing reveal accounting of the water I, and people I understand and love, are drinking.

The general conclusion of the normal water treatment report indicates that most is well with the water that comes into my mom's home. But seeing the listing of contaminants, the explanation of where they come from, and how they are rated with regards to acceptable levels, made me very uneasy. Underground Water Tank

All normal water contamination was organized in to a table that has been divided up into sections titled: "Disinfectants Disinfection By-Products"; "Inorganic Contaminants"; "Radioactive Contaminants" and "Inorganic Contaminants."

The listing of normal water contaminants included: chlorine, haloacetic acids, triihalomethanes, nitrate, flouride, arsenic, barium, chromium, alpha emitters, combined radium, uranium and copper.

A number of the sources of these contaminants included:"additive used to manage microbes," "by-product of normal water chlorination,"runoff from fertilizer use," "leaching from septic tanks," "sewage," erosion of natural deposits," "discharge from fertilizer and aluminum factories," "discharge from drilling wastes," "discharge from metal refineries," "discharge from steel and pulp mills" and "leaching from wood preservatives."