A Floral Embroidered FeelTimes Dress

Today's brilliant couple as well as their loved ones brought out all the stops with an enchanting, joyful big day – and as the pair themselves say – look for a silver lining regardless of the difficulties faced when changing their wedding plans throughout the pandemic.


We're in the idyllic Hertfordshire countryside today for that wedding of a Mental Health Social Worker to Arthur, a Spacecraft Engineer, whose charming micro wedding occurred at the church in Kings Langley where Rebecca’s Dad may be the Vicar.

Rebecca chose her lovely bridal gown; its ethereal, draped elegance reminded me strongly of the beautiful bias-cut gowns from the 1930s, filled with floral embroidery along with a capelet with fluttering sleeves.

"I was intimidated by the idea of going into a bridal shop and all of the attention standing on me, so thought I would order some online simply to try out different types of styles. I thought I would desire a long-sleeved, plain satin fishtail dress, however when I tried on my small more boho, the flutter-sleeved dress I fell deeply in love with it, and not ended up seeing a bridal shop."

Rebecca walked towards the church together with her Dad and bridesmaids, who looked wonderful in individually chosen gowns in complementary shades of gold bridesmaid dresses and champagne with a lot of sparkle and embroidered details.

"One of the most special moments for my Dad was praying with my parents and sisters before going down towards the church. It was grounding and reminded me of why Arthur and I were married and the focus of the day. We chose my Dad's church because we now have had a whole lot of memories, including our first Christmas together there."

Rebecca's Dad accompanied her on the aisle – he may be the church vicar however it was vital that Rebecca he was there on her big day as her Dad, therefore the service was conducted through the chaplain from Rebecca and Arthur's university college (St Catharine's, Cambridge).

"He became a great friend of ours, in the end, were at uni (most famously because he would be a wicked connoisseur of wine and whiskey). It was amazing to possess someone who knew us to conduct the ceremony."

"We used the Church of England vows. I studied Theology at uni and wrote my final year dissertation around the wedding vows. Knowing the background and meaning in it in depth, I wouldn't have wanted anything other!"

Guests wore goggles, and Rebecca and Arthur also had masks for guests' use at the entrance to the church, in addition to clear signage around the pews to the point where people could sit to be socially distanced.

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Take time to explore what marriage means for you and attempt to incorporate this into your big day. Someone promising to invest the rest of their life along with you is a pretty amazing thing and we found it helpful to consider our big day as a celebration of each other. Your big day is going to become incredible since it is your big day. Focus your day on being meaningful for you personally – if you're having a good time, it is likely your guests are going to become too, or at the very least is going to be happy to help you have an excellent time!"

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