About some Weapons you need to know in Ark: Survival Evolved

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Ark: Survival Evolved is a strategic survival game in which players survive and develop on islands full of dinosaurs and other deadly creatures. Buy ARK Dinos For Sale on arkrex.com is the many players' first choice. This sounds like a challenge, but Ark Survival Evolved has a series of weapons that can conquer the enemy, making the player's life in the game easier. Here are some excellent weapons for you.

Every player knows Shotgun. This is a classic, elegant and effective weapon. In Ark Survival Evolved, Shotgun can cause huge damage. Please be wary of those who have this weapon. Because it can only hold 2 bullets, players may think it is difficult to use, but in fact, it has an amazing reloading speed, which is unmatched by any other weapon in the game.

Every player's childhood dreamed of destroying everything with Flamethrower. It is a crazy and effective weapon. In Ark Survival Evolved, you can also make this weapon yourself. Although it is more powerful than most weapons, it can only be used for close combat, but it is worth it.

Compound Bow
When paired with metal arrows, this weapon causes the most damage. Moreover, it is easy to aim at the target and has very good resistance to other weapons. If you want to cause great harm to the opponent, you need to use Compound Bow correctly. It is also very quiet, allowing players to sneak up on the back of any unexpected dinosaur.

Longneck Rifle
The Longneck Rifle is easy to become the best weapon in the entire game. It has an amazing range, causes extreme damage, and is easy to obtain. More and more players like to ARK Buy Dinos. This weapon and its ammunition are very cheap, and it is very worthwhile to make it. Adding boundaries to it is the best strategy, and it allows the player to kill any unsuspecting prey. It can also be an important asset for tame dinosaurs.

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