Meta is merging the Horizon Venues live app with Horizon Worlds.

Meta announced today that it's integrating its Horizon Venues event


Meta is integrating its Horizon Venues live events app into Horizon Worlds  | TechCrunch


Meta today announced that it is combining the Horizon Venues event experience with its social virtual reality Horizon Worlds platform. Horizon Venues is currently a separate app for attending live events in VR using the same avatar as Horizon Worlds on Day 6. In June,

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users will be able to participate in these live events directly within Horizon Worlds and the standalone Venues app will be discontinued.You'll be able to watch your favorite marquee shows, from live sporting

events to concerts from today's hottest artists and more, then go to a comedy club or meditation or even your own meet-up. All from within Horizon Worlds, the company said in a blog post about the announcement.

Meta says it has been experimenting with portals between Horizon Venues and Horizon Worlds in the past few months. and found that users will be able to experience a seamless jump between the two through integration.