Love Without Barriers, Beauty Without Convention

Every occasionally, an editorial submission arrives that quite literally takes my breath away. This is one of them.


The concept behind this shoot is exquisite. It explores love without barriers and sweetness without convention. It also features a couple of our members, both of them incomparable and desired in their very own right.

She fell in love. It may happen to be his cheer optimism, his handsome smile, or his warmheartedness. He fell in love. It may happen to be her subtle air of mystery, her fiery locks, or her serein demeanor. They fell in love and love was all it mattered. They had one another and their love and also, since, the sun's rays shined just a little warmer and also the moon shimmered just a little brighter upon their lives. Although their held hands are frowned at as well as mocked by many – yes, even today-, there is such a magnetism between them as well as their loving gaze grew stronger for one another each passing day.

Nothing else mattered apart from the way they loved one another. The way their hands intertwined into courage and tenderness. The way they saw one another and the world. The way he held her face. The way she investigated his eyes.

Nothing else mattered. Only their trust. Their raw transparency with one another. The simple great thing about two lovers cherishing one another, without borders or frontiers.

And on that day, their unexplainable love- because what it's to explain about love after all became an eternal promise. To have one another, to gaze at one another, to hold one another, to love one another, enduring whatever came their way with similar passion, the same tenderness, and also the same love.

"I wrote those words immediately after I heard some racist words against an interracial couple, within my little quaint capital of Scotland - Orbe, Switzerland."

"Those words had become the storyboard, the thread that I followed when imagining this editorial."

"This editorial was conceived like a story of grace, highly inspired through the contrast between your sheer moonlight and also the dark blue sky in the evening."

"Playing with various fabrics, like silk chiffon and silk velvets, and textures, we attempted to accomplish a feeling of lightness with warm intimacy and refined elegance. I desired to create a feeling of classic elegance and contemporary minimalism, and above."

"Most of, every supplier I worked with about this editorial needed to represent people and businesses engaged in social causes – who have been passionate about sustainability."

"Our photographer knew how to use natural light to capture everything perfectly – focusing especially around the lovers as well as their natural interactions."

"The silken perfection of FeelTimes long sleeve wedding dresses, the breathtaking and delightful cake produced by Bouchra, the sensual and delicate curves of Leïla's floral ring, the artistry and refined texture of Nora's wedding stationery – every element joined together to beautifully illustrate my vision."

"Manon our makeup artist enhanced the natural great thing about the bride and groom having a modern, natural look and lastly, our models and Mohamed simply made the whole story their very own. This was an ode to any or all lovers who can identify with themselves."

"We aimed to produce a story of the gentle and harmonious romance – but most importantly, a metaphor for social justice and also the celebration of love and sweetness without barriers or conventions."

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