Some ways to build a bridge in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Most of the veteran players have rich experience on how to build a beautiful island. ACItems provides many Animal Crossing Items to help you build quickly. However, many new players did not know how to proceed when they first started contacting Animal Crossing: New Horizons and needed to know a lot about the game mechanics. Next, the article will show you how to build bridges and Inclines in New Horizons.

Nintendo allows users to decorate their islands with various in-game items. Many players like to build bridges and Inclines on the island, which improves the overall appearance of their island. Because bridges and Inclines are suitable for everyone's island.

To build a bridge, you first need to upgrade your Resident Services. After upgrading Resident Services to buildings, Tom Nook will begin to provide you with the ability to build bridges and Inclines. Then when talking with Tom Nook, you only need to select the option 'Let's talk infrastructure'.

If you don't like the bridges and Inclines on the island, you can also dismantle them. But please don't choose the ideal bridge or Inclines. The main reason is its high cost, even after dismantling, you can only get 10,000 bells.

In addition, you cannot build or demolish multiple bridges in one day. It takes one day to demolish the bridge, and one day after the existing structure is demolished to build it again. First, you need to visit Tom Nook, and then select the 'Let's talk infrastructure' option again. Then you can demolish any existing bridges on the island.


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