Pokemon Sword and Shield's Same Double Beat online competition will be held next week

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Pokemon Sword and Shield players are now able to sign up for the Same Double Beat online battle match in August.

The double battle tournament will be held from August 13th to 15th. Now is the best time to Buy Shiny Pokemon from PKMBuy. The registration time is from now until August 12. Each participant will receive a 50BP award.

Players can run two identical Pokemon and items in The Same Double Beat tournament, but they will be restricted when they want to use legendary species. Regarding Gigantamax Pokemon, there are no sharing restrictions, so you should use whatever you like well.

To register, you should navigate to the menu on the sword or shield game and select VS. Choose Battle Stadium from your following options, then Online Competitions, last search for your official competition.

The operation of this tournament is similar to this month's event, players will tackle with their favorite water-type Pokemon. During the event, players can participate in up to 15 games per day.

You still have enough time to form the right team and be ready to challenge yourself with other players around the world. To Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon with your friends to win the match. Don't miss this opportunity, because every game has different rules and it also may take a while to reappear.