TURKISH AIRLINES BAGGAGE Policy And Odessa Office Address

If you need to bring several bags to your destination, the Turkish Airlines baggage allowance may not be enough for you. You may also wish to avoid the airline's strong overabundance of baggage charges. Why not send your luggage to your destination to allow you to pack all that you n



Turkish Airlines' excess baggage charges for domestic flights are 8 Turkish Lira per extra kilogram. Excess baggage fees for international flights utilizing the weight concept rely upon what regions (1-4) you are going between. Fees range from EUR 8 to EUR 32 per kg of excess baggage.


Excess baggage fees for international flights based on the piece concept go from USD 160 per extra piece to USD 360 per extra piece. In the event that your flight contains a visit to Turkey, you should work out the cost for every leg of your excursion.


Note that on certain routes the cost for an extra piece of gear increments with each additional piece of extra baggage, maximizing at 8 extra pieces. For instance, on a trip between Niamey and Dubai 1 extra piece would cost USD 200, the second piece USD 250, and so on, until you arrive at 8 extra packs. This 8th sack would cost USD 750, in addition to what you would need to pay for extra packs 1 - 7.


Turkish Airlines Office Odessa

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