How to login in PayPal Business Account on mobile?

You can generate invoices, find the account statements, send and receive money using a PayPal business account.


PayPal business account helps you to make the transactions on a larger limit. You can get payments directly to your bank account using the PayPal business account. You can generate invoices, find the account statements, send and receive money using a PayPal business account. There are a lot of things to do with your PayPal prepaid login account.
So, if you have created a PayPal business account and looking to access it on your mobile then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to guide you on how to access the PayPal business account on mobile in this post. Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android phone the process to access the PayPal business login account is easy and clear. If you have memorized the username and password details of your PayPal account then you can easily access it by downloading the PayPal mobile application on your device.
Steps to access PayPal Business Account on iPhone
If you are an iPhone user and looking to access the PayPal business account on it then you may need to go through the steps that we have introduced below:
Using your iPhone, locate the App Store
Now, locate the search bar and type PayPal login in the corresponding field
Then, tap on the 'Enter' button and look at the search results
Once you find the PayPal app, download and install it on your device
After installing PayPal mobile app on your iPhone, launch it
Now, locate the username and password field and enter the details asked in the fields
After filling the PayPal login credentials carefully, review them once and tap on the ‘Login’ link
Finally, you have accessed the PayPal business account on the iPhone successfully
The process to access PayPal Business Account on Android
If you using an Android phone then you may need to locate the Play Store to download and install a PayPal login account to access it.
On your Android mobile, visit the Play Store on it

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